About SmartStartGiving.com

SmartStartGiving.com LLLP is a company dedicated to innovative philanthropy. Our mission is to change the world, one entrepreneur at a time, by showing people how to give less and help more.

On the final Friday of each and every month, co-founders Alex Mandossian and Linda M. Lopeke hold a micro-fundraising teleconference call, broadcast over the internet, during which they interview global thought leaders and others leading from behind the scenes who have donated their time for the benefit of their listening audience. These calls are recorded and made available to the public to replay on demand.

There is no charge to join the live calls nor is there any obligation to donate. We simply hope to inspire people to make a small (or micro) optional donation of $10, $25, or $40.

If you choose (gratefully, hundreds do) you’ll get access to valuable business insights, ideas and lessons taught by other successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The money raised in the current month is pooled, tallied, and taken to Kiva.org on the first Friday of the following month, where it is used to fund micro-loans made to entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Monthly fundraising and loan statistics are published on our web site at www.SmartStartGiving.com; we also post the photos and stories of the entrepreneurs whose businesses, hopes and dreams have been funded by our SmartStartGiving Program supporters. As the micro-loans are repaid, we return the money to the pooled fund and put it back out to work thus creating a never-ending cycle of giving.

With the exception of the merchant fees (~2.5%) deducted automatically by credit card companies (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.) at the time of donation, all funds raised by SmartStartGiving.com LLLP are passed through our company to Kiva.org who administers and monitors the micro-loans.

(As co-founders, we’ve made a personal commitment to cover all associated research, development, and operational expenses for the program to ensure maximum funds are available to Kiva to loan.)

We invite you to check out our past and upcoming events, Kiva loans, and news and join our mailing list and hope to hear you on one of our future micro-fundraising calls soon.

Alex Mandossian & Linda M. Lopeke
Co-Founders, SmartStartGiving.com LLLP