77 Gifts of “Giving” Disguised as Failures

John L. Herman Jr. considers himself a failure expert — that is, not someone who fails at business, but someone who understands why a business fails. He consolidated the lessons learned in Hermanisms: Axioms for Business & Life.

Herman is a really interesting guy. He completed a business degree at Towson University, graduate work at Johns Hopkins University, and a stint in the US Air Force before taking on the corporate world.

His many years of experience (which exceed mine but not by much Cool include working with a thousand companies that were losing money.

When you have looked at that many failures up close and personal, you develop a keen perception about people, problems, and the triumph of accomplishment in the struggle against the inevitable failures we all face.

There are 77 gifts of “giving” in the failures that fed Hermanisms which makes it rather difficult to choose a favourite. But two I particularly liked are:

#8 View the knowledge from something that failed as the profit from that effort and

#57: If only gold medals count, are all other Olympians failures?

Food for thought! (For more visit: http://www.Hermanisms.com/ )

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