Acts of Faith and Determination

Dorothy Canfield Fisher said “A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”

Many of the entrepreneurs we are supporting through are mothers. They are prepared to work extremely hard to provide a better life for their children, not unlike our own mothers. Many of our “givers” are mothers too and they are working equally hard for the same reasons.

As a group, we know exactly how other moms around the world feel right down to the personal pain it causes when, despite your best efforts, you just don’t know where that next meal is coming from or where you might be sleeping a week from now.

Which brings me to one of the things I like best about our micro-fundraising program. Because our mission at SMARTSTART|Giving is to “give less, help more” and donation options are limited to just $10, $25 or $40, it is unlikely choosing to help us would come at the expense of providing for your own families.

But when aggregated and passed on to those we are helping, that money often does mean the difference between the joy of being able to provide for basic survival needs and the despair of feeling you’ve failed as a parent.

The reality is we are not just giving money to other entrepreneurs, we are seeding hope, planting futures and feeding hearts. A pretty darn good return on a small investment, don’t you think?

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