SMARTSTART|Giving 60-Second Spotlight

Bilaal RajanIt’s been awhile since we featured someone in our 60-second spotlight but I think you’ll agree it was well worth the wait when you hear this young giver’s story!

Meet Bilaal Rajan, a giver since the young age of 4, and the author of Making Change, a book that shows us all how to start small and give big.

Although he has just turned 12, Bilaal has been recognized around the world for his fundraising efforts and he’s really just getting started making his dreams a reality!

After reading all about his giving story in my previous post, please check out his web site at to learn more about this enterprising and truly inspirational young man.

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2 Responses to “SMARTSTART|Giving 60-Second Spotlight”

  1. Lynn Sanders Says:

    It’s wonderful hearing the interview with Bilaal, and I’m glad that Alex is supporting Smart Start Giving.
    As an coincidence, Bilaal and his organization will soon be profiled in my upcoming book for children, “Social Justice — How You Can Make A Difference” — through Capstone Press. It will be out in December, 2008! What an inspiring young man!

  2. Linda M. Lopeke Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for taking the time to send us a comment! How wonderful that Bilaal is going to be in your book. We appreciate your letting us know about that. And it will be out just in time for Christmas too! Super. Hope you make lots of sales.

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